Vyacheslav Kritskiy | Entrepreneur

Meet our Participants!

Vyacheslav Kritskiy


Place of birth:Almaty, Kazakhstan

Favourite dish: Gazpacho and bruschettes with mozzarella

Hobbies: Skydiving and sports aviation

Favourite book: Dan Brown “Inferno”

Favourite quote: “Стыдно не знать, однако не стыдно спросить.” or “It’s a shame not to know, but not a shame to ask.”

Song to sing at karaoke: Robbie Williams “Road to Mandalay”

Why did you join Refugees Forward?

I saw it as as important opportunity to understand the mentality of the Dutch people. That’s knowledge that will help me more quickly integrate into the community and find contacts with the same interests, namely the ability to work together to solve problems and create interesting projects together.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and what project you are going to be working on?

My professional background is mostly in project management. I had a role in implementing various sales systems, as well as developing the systems themselves for clients. Over the course of the program I want to develop a recruitment platform that will simplify the recruitment process of hiring on short-term contracts, both for companies looking for employees and for job seekers. Ultimately, it will remove the need for recruitment agencies, making the process faster and more inexpensive.

What would you like to learn over the course of the program?

I find it important to learn the principles of doing business in Europe. That includes how to properly establish relationships not only with customers but also within the business team. I feel that I do not know much in this matter, so that is probably my biggest learning point.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

I see myself as the head of a company that provides various online solutions and projects for different areas. In particular, I will focus on the analysis of problems or highly specialised areas and create non-standard solutions for them. I see myself surrounded by good partners and very creative people.