Our Vision

Refugees Forward aims to empower all newcomers in Western societies with an entrepreneurial drive to unlock their potential and to achieve economic self-reliance. Many newcomers struggle to connect with the social and professional environment of their new countries. That is why we establish deep, structural relationships between our triangle of entrepreneurial newcomers, ambitious students and experienced professionals. We strongly believe in the power of networking and teamwork with locals as tool towards career success and integration into society. As a community we can support the economic empowerment of newcomers and inspire young generations towards an entrepreneurial, inclusive and cohesive society.

Individualized coaching by professionals

Learning together with the best of students

Focus on results and economic perspective

Without exception, the structure our programmes is based on the individual mentoring of experienced entrepreneurs and other business professionals. In our intensive modules we match newcomers with a mentor who has specific expertise on the newcomer’s projects. We continuously evaluate the needs of our participants and tailor our programmes in order to ensure that teams progress.

In our programmes we have seen the tremendous value of cooperation between local students and newcomers in building a business concept. Through working together with students, newcomers gain hands-on experience with communicating in local business environments. Students are of great value to newcomers because they understand local culture and markets and can provide support in for example managing customer relationships and crafting marketing messages in the local language.

We strive for the economic empowerment of newcomers through entrepreneurship or employment and realize that each newcomer follows an individual path towards attaining this goal. Thus, in our programmes entrepreneurship is not an end in itself. We actively monitor the progress of our participants towards economic self-reliance and map their personal road towards achieving this in a rapid and sustainable way.