Refugees Forward

Enabling newcomers to launch successful businesses

The Final Pitches are coming up!

12th of June, 17:00 @ACE – Amsterdam || 16th of June, 15:00 @CIC – Rotterdam

Our teams have been hard at work for the last few months, making sure they set solid foundations for the entrepreneurs’ growing businesses. At the end of our 2019 Spring program we’re going to have a final pitch event – an opportunity for the people behind the businesses to show what they’ve accomplished during this program and attract partners of investment!

Curious about who’s pitching?


Businesses Launched

€ Investments in RF entrepreneurs

€ Government welfare costs saved

€ Increased income of newcomers


Approval rate of municipality entrepreneurship application

Active members in our community

Our Mission

We strive for the economic empowerment of newcomers by enabling them to launch, fund and grow their own businesses

Refugees Forward is a high-quality business incubator that strives for the economic empowerment of newcomers and the launch of successful businesses. In our entrepreneurship programmes we offer top-notch business and cross-cultural training and match our entrepreneurs with experienced professionals, student team members, a strong network of corporates and both private and public investors. We strongly believe in an individualized approach to support newcomers in achieving economic self-reliance, intregration in local communities and making valuable contributions to their new country.  Click to learn more about our 4 month incubator program!

Our Mission

Refugees Forward is a non-profit organization that offers newcomers the opportunity to obtain funding, training and expertise for their entrepreneurial projects in the Netherlands, through a supportive community of students, NGO’s and businesses. Learn more about our program!