How can I apply for Refugees Forward programmes?

You can apply for programmes of Refugees Forward by clicking on our programmes and subsequently opting for Startup Weekends and the incubator programme. It is not possible to apply for the launch programme anymore.

How does Refugees Forward select participants for its programmes?

The selection of participants is based on formal criteria and your motivation and experience. Formal criteria include having a valid residence permit in the Netherlands (you are a statushouder) and a good level of English. Before participating in one of our programs there is a personal interview in which we discuss your previous experience and your motivation to run your own business. No prior knowledge of or experience with entrepreneurship is required.

How do people evaluate Refugees Forward programmes?

Refugees Forward programmes are highly appreciated by its participants. For a more detailed impression, see the testimonials of newcomers and of students.

What kind of mentors coach newcomers at Refugees Forward?

Mentors and trainers are experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. Mentors of Refugees Forward have worked or work for renown companies such as McKinsey & Company, Booking.com, Uber, Lufthansa, Philips, Rabobank and many more.

What kind of students support newcomers at Refugees Forward?

The student support network of Refugees Forward consists of students in the final phase of Bachelor’s or in Master’s phase. They have had their first professional experiences and have an interest in entrepreneurship. Students are highly committed and are eager to learn. International students are also welcome to fulfil a support role in our program.


When am I entitled to start an own business in the Netherlands?

You are entitled to start your own business only if you are six months in the asylum seeking procedure or you have a residence status. There are different legal forms with which you can start your business. More information regarding this is to be found at https://refugeestartforce.eu/2016/08/04/starting-your-own-business/ .

Can I maintain uitkering while starting a business in the Netherlands?

Yes, it is possible to start your own business while receiving uitkering. However, you need to match very specific criteria from the municipality in order to do so. Moreover, regulations differ per municipality, meaning that it is not possible in every single municipality. Some municipalities also provide starting credits for newcomers that want to launch a business.

What are my obligations towards tax authorities when starting a business?

As a business owner, the obligations towards tax authorities are complex and very much dependent on the legal structure of your business. If you require a consult regarding your fiscal position, please get in touch with us. We will then try to connect you with fiscal advisors that fit your specific requirements.