Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding Campaign

Support the entrepreneurship education of a newcomer

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What is this campaign for?

In the past months we have worked with over 30 newcomers, supported by 15 business professionals and having more than 30 students working together with them. Magic has happened. We have seen the most different of cultures create an understanding of each other, we have seen personal and professional relationships emerge and we have seen rudimentary ideas become mature and concrete concepts.

But to make a structural impact we need to go bigger. With you, we are going to provide a four month incubation programme for 15-30 newcomers starting April 2018. In this entrepreneurship programme, we provide intensive, cutting-edge education, mentoring and operational support through our trainers and professionals mentors for 3 days a week. We also match all newcomer projects with highly qualified Dutch students to work together with our entrepreneurs in tackling the challenges specific to being new in a country.


How you can help

We need $20.000 to run our programme and we strongly believe we can get there together. With $600 you can support the complete business methodology education, cross-cultural competencies development and the team building for one individual.

However, because we believe working together works best, you can also support part of the education that is required to becoming economically self-dependant. We believe that all support matters, so please click on the link above to find out how you can contribute.

We invite you to follow the progress on foot of those you support, and learn together with our entrepreneurs. Become an even bigger part of a community of highly diverse and ambitious individuals, and grow with us by letting others empower themselves.