Reshad Majidi | Entrepreneur

Reshad Majidi


Place of birth: Herat, Afghanistan

Favourite dish: Tikka Kabab

Hobbies:Once a profession, I now enjoy 3d modeling and graphic design as a hobby.

Favourite quote: “”تو قطره ای از اقیانوس نیستی، بلکه تمام اقیانوس در یک قطره ” or “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop” – Rumi

Favourite movie/song: The Godfather and Vertigo have been my favorite movies for a long time, but now I am more of a Sci-fi and Marvel fan. While cooking, I love listening to Mohsen Namjoo, an Iranian Classic Singer, and Afghan classic songs. While working I prefer Tiesto, David Gilmour, and jazz music, unless it is December, then I enjoy Christmas jazz.

Hidden talent: Short story writing, and cooking

Song to sing at karaoke: Coldplay “Paradise”

Why did you join Refugees Forward?

I believe Refugee Forward has an important cause, I as beneficiary can utilize their support in learning to adapt in the business environment in the Netherlands. An essential part of creating a business is the early steps in developing the business plan and validating the idea, having free access to such process is a unique opportunity for every entrepreneur. Building an extensive network and receiving personal support from business coaches and students is a further value that makes this a priceless collaboration.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and what project you are going to be working on?

I grew up in a business oriented family, thus travelled and lived in multiple countries throughout my childhood. Traveling gave me an advantage in observing my surroundings differently than many of my fellow citizens. Later in life I could benefit from my family background, and combined graphic design and 3d modeling, my childhood hobbies, with my education in business management and established multiple businesses in Afghanistan. Continuing my path in entrepreneurship is what I am passionate to follow in the Netherlands.

What would you like to learn over the course of the program?

I would like to improve my pitching skills, expanding my general knowledge and strengthen my critical thinking in complicated business cases.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

I would like to be involved with an innovative team within our company in creating further innovative solutions to important social problems.