Fabian – Rebike

Fabian, Wessel and Koen, in one of the winning teams during the last Startup Weekend, have set their enthusiasm and energy on a bike recycling project called Rebike.

Fabian, cycling through Amsterdam, saw all these lost bikes that were quite rare in his home country Nigeria. All they did were lying around, and as the Amsterdam city myth goes, for every citizen in Amsterdam, there are approximately three bikes lying around.

By recycling bikes, the team wants to offer a Rebike subscription with which the customer can get any Rebike fixed at any time. By developing a sustainable way to receive and recreate old bikes, the team aims to create a brand that blends in their bike brand with the traditional white and green colours of Nigeria, together with the sustainable living style of Amsterdam. If you want to work with Rebike by looking at their business case, or if you have a specific contact for them, please let us know in the form below!

Project message - Rebike

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