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Moving Forward Together

Become part of a golden triangle that brings out the best of every individual

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The Launch programme combines the passion of entrepreneurs, student consultants and business professionals to create the best opportunities for all participants. In order to strive for economic empowerment of newcomers in the Netherlands, this golden triangle of the Launch programme aims at creating the perfect business plan, by learning by doing. You learn from each other and get trained to make the first steps for a real, sustainable business in the Netherlands. An important goal of the learning by doing principle is creating a business plan with which an entrepreneur with a refugee background can get approval by the government to start his business without losing his ‘uitkering’.

Our Key Principles

Individualized coaching by professionals
Sensitivity for doing business in the Netherlands
Belief in the power of connections and teamwork
Learning by doing


The Launch programme is a tailormade programme, with a completely individual approach based on personal and professional preferences. It includes:

  1. Matching based on shared vision and a personal connection to form a golden triangle of newcomer entrepreneur, student and mentor (not limited to one of each).
  2. Working space at the Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship, at Startup Village.
  3. Daily on-site support from the Refugees Forward students and the core team.
  4. Depending on the specific need, training sessions focused on business methodology, communication and doing business in the Netherlands
  5. Bi-weekly individual mentoring sessions with your personal mentor, team and Refugees Forward.


You can participate if you:

  • Want to truly explore the opportunities of entrepreneurship in the Netherlands
  • Are willing to learn from and work in an intercultural environment


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