Incubator Program

Our Incubator Program

From business idea to investors in 4 months


We enable newcomers to become a central part of Dutch communities by helping them start successful businesses. We strive to maximize their chances of professional success by offering 4-months incubator programs with high quality training and individualised coaching to support entrepreneurs to launch, fund and grow their businesses. We offer programs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

We are now running 2 programs, which will run until June 2019. We do keep a continuous recruitment line, so if you are a newcomer with a great business idea and are interested in participating in our program, you can apply here for our Fall 2019 incubator program (starting October 2019). If you are a student who is looking to gain experience in the field of consulting and entrepreneurship, click here to learn more. And if you are a professional who wants to share their expertise and unlock the potential of newcomers, go here for more information.


We match newcomer entrepreneurs with motivated student consultants and experienced business coaches, who work together alongside an RF team facilitator for 4 months on ensuring that the business plan is solid and the enterprise is ready for launch. During this time, our corporate partners provide expert consulting, advice and training sessions on areas such as finance, strategy, marketing, legal, etc.


If you still have any questions about what we do or how you can be involved, you can always reach us on!