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[UPDATE] Hadi is currently talking to investors and has been invited by the Gemeente to deliver a proposal for a business plan in order to get funding! Stay tuned via our Facebook!

With Stonature, Hadi and his student partner Iris want to import natural stones from Iran and sell them in the Netherlands and Germany. Hadi has a masters degree in Metalogy in Iran and has worked in the transportation & stone trade business for over 15 years.

Both his extensive knowledge of the field and his huge network of raw material suppliers in Iran offer him the means to start a trading company that makes use of the suburb quality of Iranian nature stones and the European need for these raw materials, of which the price is higher than Stonature wants to offer.

Hadi is currently looking at the earnings model, and specifically looking at the best way of funding so he can get in his first samples from Iran to show the potential to his customers. If you want to work with Hadi by looking at his business case, or if you have a specific contact for him, please let us know in the form below, or go to his website www.stonature.nl. 

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