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Empower others and strengthen your skills by diving into the world of entrepreneurship together

Become a Student Consultant!

We want you to connect, learn and grow with our entrepreneurs from all different regions, starting February 2019 in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Join an entrepreneur on starting his or her business during our incubator program! Besides thinking strategy this also means doing a lot in practice. With 8-16 hours a week you are expected to consult on business strategy and execute your plans together with the entrepreneur. Your team will be supported by the best professionals and experienced coaches, giving you the opportunity to learn constantly. Are you from Rotterdam and want to meet our practices in a three day Startup Weekend with 20 newcomers? Then sign up for our three day Startup Weekend 23/25th of November!


  1. Become a pro bono student consultant for 8-16 hours a week.
  2. Meet the entrepreneurs and choose which starting business you would like to work on.
  3. Weekly meetings with the RF-team, where we discuss progress and challenges, enjoying a beer or two!
  4. Freely join trainings where business professionals and entrepreneurs teach about start-up principles, personal development, cross-cultural training and more!


  • Learn about entrepreneurship in practice through workshops and learning by doing.
  • Connect with ambitious individuals that share grand dreams and stories.
  • Build a strong network of succesful entrepreneurs and business professionals that train and mentor you and your team.
  • Make a change, not only in the lives of others, but also within yourself in tackling the most complex of problems.

When and how?

The four month incubator program for 10-15 newcomers starts February 8th in Amsterdam and February 15th in Rotterdam. Student consultants are expected to sign up for the full four months in order to maxime learning experience and impact. Application deadline is 13th of January, after which you will be invited for an interview the following week where you can motivate your application and make a business case.

Application deadline for student consultants


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