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Learn about entrepreneurship in practice during this 4-month program!

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Our 4-month incubator program in cooperation with the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), Team Academy and CIC Rotterdam is aimed at the economic empowerment of newcomers through entrepreneurship. This means that shortly after the end of the incubator program you know whether or not you can (or should) start your business, based on a lot of lessons from us but mostly from testing your business in practice. You are of course coached by the best mentors, and supported by a community of students. Concretely, at the end of the program we connect you to potential investors and you must be able to hand in a business plan for approval of the Gemeente. Our next incubator program starts February 2019 in both Amsterdam (8th) and Rotterdam (15th) and has spots for 15 entrepreneurs per program. If you want to join us earlier and win a secure spot in the incubator program, apply for the three day Startup Weekend between 23rd and 25th of November 2018 here!


The incubator program runs for 4 intensive months. This is what happens:

  1. During the first intensive month, you learn about key principles of entrepreneurship and develop your initial idea;
  2. The two months following this, you test the assumptions of your business model in the real world;
  3. The last month is focussed on actually starting your business, where we will link you to investors, and make sure you have a well written business plan for the Gemeente.


  • Throughout the program, you also get training in personal development and cross-cultural education to face the specific challenges of starting a business in a new country;
  • During the program, you work intensively with (Dutch) students on a daily basis who support you on both the strategic and operational side;
  • A professional mentor will work with you on a weekly basis, sharing his/her knowledge of the field you want to start a business in;
  • Various network events at McKinsey, Mazars, Linklaters, DLA Piper, Team Academy and ACE will ensure that you find the right people who can help you move forward;
  • Lessons, coaching and expert feedback will require utmost commitment from you. The RF community will always support you, but you have to make the time and dedication yourself to start your own business.

Click here for more information on the content of the program.


You can participate if you:

  • are highly driven with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • have an early stage business idea, or want to develop a business idea based on your (work or study) background