Adil Cinar | Entrepreneur

Meet our Participants!

Adil Cinar


Place of birth: Aksu, China

Favourite dish: Laghmen (a traditional Uyghur noodle)

Hobbies: Playing guitar and cooking

Favourite TV series/movie: Prison Break

Hidden Talent: Bodybuilding

Song to sing at karaoke: Adele “Million Years Ago ”

Why did you join Refugees Forward?

To gain theoretical and practical knowledge in entrepreneurship and start my own business. I want to contribute to the country that made my education possible and gave me refuge when I was in need. Also, for a feeling of self-realisation.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and what project you are going to be working on?

I am from the Uyghur autonomous region of China and I am ethnically turk. After my university studies, I went to Turkey and worked there for a short time. I then came to the Netherlands for my master’s degree. Upon its completion, I worked shortly in Capgemini as a consultant. I eventually went back to Turkey and worked in a publication, while also setting up my own business in leather products. I had two registered trademarks in Turkey and 4 department stores in the city of Urumqi. Because of the humanitarian crisis in my hometown, I was engaged in political and human rights advocacy activities for the past 4 years and finally had to leave turkey in the end of the year 2017. During the program I want to set up an online store (that caters to the Benelux area) to sell imported leather products from Turkey (including shoes, bags, wallets, jackets and belts).

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

In two years I’d like to be a successful business owner, paying taxes to this country instead of getting financial aid. I’d also like to help others like me, to realise my personal value and become and asset, rather than a liability.